SIV Blog - 26.5.2020

Interreg Social Impact Vouchers is facing with completely new situation at the labour market caused by Covid 19

The first year of implementing the Social Impact Vouchers project focused mainly on analyzing the current situation, available tools and planning steps for the remaining two thirds of the project. Even in the first third of the project, the situation on the labour market was quite different. Almost all countries had record low unemployment rates. Currently, the situation has changed dramatically thanks to Covid 19. But also thanks to the ongoing change and new challenges, the Social Impact Vouchers project has further enhanced its validity in the current situation.


Social Impact Vouchers and Social Impact Fund 5 as two main pillars of the project SIV

Social Impact Vouchers project is based on two main pillars:  Social Impact Fund and Social Impact Vouchers. Both approaches are innovative tools that will be pilot tested in eight Central European countries. The project partners have chosen different approaches that take into account the specifics of each participating state. The goal of the project consortium is successfully pilot testing the model and the fund, as well as targeted assistance for job seekers, employers and, last but not least, society as a whole. Social Impact Fund and Social Impact Vouchers are two closely linked project goals, tools and at the same time project outputs. The Social Impact Fund aims to obtain and manage the financing of vouchers.  Social Impact Vouchers are the tool for further training and employment of job seekers from disadvantaged groups. If job seekers become successfully established on the market, employers and other stakeholders will be willing to contribute further and more to the Social Impact Fund, thanks to which even more job seekers will be supported through vouchers.


From analyzing and strategy to action plan

Now that the model is set, the only thing left is realization. We’ve set activities and resources beyond the period of 2022. Based on the plan, a voucher system will be installed in each partner country.

The initial, pilot project will serve as the basis for gathering information on the effectiveness of theoretical models and plans. We’ll keep an eye on our pilot studies and learn as much from them as possible. When introducing a new system like this one, it’s important to keep track of KPIs and note major signals from the market.


Where to next?

The next steps will be mainly focused on implementing pilots (Fund and Vouchers) in all 8 countries. There will be also next partnership meeting held in autumn.

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