Impactisation as innovation tool in the field of tourism

No Profit – Innovative Services for Society Ltd. and Impact Tourist Agency are leading partners in the development of Impact Tourism (IT). Slovenia is one of the leading countries in the field of sustainable tourism in last years. Methodology of impactisation for tourism products is aditional step ahead in making tourism more beneficial for society. While sustainable tourism is mostly focused on reducing the harm the new concept of IT is focusing on maximisation of positive impacts of tourism industry, including the role of social economy sector.

With the use of impactisation methodology (so called »10+1 impact indicators«) new innovative tourism products can be developed or existing products can be upgrated and their impact maximised. Web portal was created ( and network of interested stakeholders WITH - World Impact Tourism Habitat was established.

Activities are supported by Slovenian Tourist Association and IT is becoming recognised also at the global level - as an example of strategic good practice IT was selected for presentation in the AIRTH »Innovation for Sustainable Success« conference organised in September 2019 in Innsbruck, Austria.

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