Coordination of Social Economy Support Projects in Slovenia

Based on the initiative of Fund 05 given on 9th Social Economy Days 2018 first gathering of social economy support projects happened in March 2019. Around 15 organisations and social economy support projects was identified and invited to co-ordination meeting, held on March 28th 2019 in Kranj. Main areas of joint interest were indentified, among others flow of information, access to expertise and knowledge sharing, creation of joint events calendar, racionalisation of costs and increase of participants within project activities, possible joint advocacy activities, overview on international activities and membership in international organisations and possible co-operation within future projects.

According to participants all mentioned activities can contribute to higher impact of projects implemented and are necessity for the future. Coordination is seen as a parmanent activity for the future. Database of information is going to be filled in following weeks and next meeting is planed for May 2019.All information available on (Primož Šporar).

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