EaSI 2014

Evropska komisija objavila program EaSI za leto 2014, novica v angleščini:

EaSI - the new EU Programme for Employment and Social Innovation running from 2014 to 2020, intends to promote a high level of quality and sustainable employment to guarantee adequate and decent social protection, combat social exclusion and poverty and improve working conditions.

Its 2014 work programme, which contains the funding priority (grants and procurements) for the current year, has just been published. Interesting opportunities will also arise for micro and social enterprises, especially through the EaSI’s III Axis, entirely devoted to Microfinance and Social Entrepreneurship. This Axis is split in two financial facilities:

  • The first one (the former “Progress Micro finance Instrument”) addresses the problem of access to finance for  micro entrepreneurs by increasing the availability and accessibility of  microfinance for vulnerable people who wish to start up a micro-enterprise, as well as for existing micro-enterprises. Its budget is €11,890,000.
  • The second one, is the new financial instrument for social entrepreneurship which will make hybrid financing for social enterprises available in the form of a combination of equity, quasi-equity, loan instruments and grants with a total budget of over €11,890,000

It is worth noting that these two instruments are only accessible for EU financial intermediaries which will be selected through a dedicated call for expressions of interest and not directly to micro or social entrepreneurs, who will therefore need to address to them. For more information, please visit the European Commission’s Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion webpage.

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